Day 1: Surviving a Sugar-free World

I’ve got to be honest, I failed day one. Originally we were supposed to start on Saturday. We were out to eat to celebrate Daniel getting his Master’s degree. This was a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and it just didn’t make sense not to start the next day. So we threw in the towel (well I did), and opted to start Sunday.

Here’s what we had our first day:


  • Two free-range Organic Valley eggs, scrambled with salt
  • guacamole
  • a banana




What I took away from day 1:

It is really difficult to attend family events/birthday parties. We had to bring our own food and we got a lot of questions. I am embarrassed to say that I used to be the type of person to shame someone for not eating carbs or participating in some fad diet. After all of the questions and the looks we got for starting the Whole30, I’m definitely more wary of my comments about what others eat and their chosen diet. The food we ate was delicious and although I’m sure I’ll encounter much larger bumps in the road, day one wasn’t so bad.


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